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Total hydration and firming for a youthful complexion A cream of a light, delicate consistency with spectacular, multi-level moisturizing power thanks to a new-generation ingredient – γ-polyglutamic acid (γ PGA), 5 times more effective as a moisturizer than hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its excellent biocompatibility with the skin, γ PGA effectively binds water molecules and restores proper hydration levels, which is essential for wrinkle reduction. A specially designed carrier system gradually releases γ PGA, ensuring long-lasting moisturizing and smoothing effect, while restoring skin tightness. The skin becomes firmer and more supple, wrinkles become smoother, and the face takes on a more youthful appearance. The precious oils and vitamin E also contained in the formula strengthen the skin’s role as a barrier, guaranteeing a broad spectrum of protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation and other external agents. Recommended as a day and night cream for every skin type, regardless of age.
$90.25 excluding shipping


Global hydration stimulating the disappearance of lines and wrinkles This rich, nourishing cream has revolutionary moisturizing properties and reduces various types of wrinkles. The innovative gamma-polyglutamic acid (γ PGA) is a new-generation ingredient that has been proved to be 5 times more effective as a moisturizer than hyaluronic acid. γ PGA integrates into the surface layer of the epidermis, providing a feeling of intense hydration, improved skin firmness, and a visible reduction of wrinkle depth. The special structure of γ PGA biodermal carriers attracts water molecules like a magnet, ensuring long-lasting resistance to drying out and improved skin elasticity. The skin becomes more supple, facial features sharpened, the number and depth of wrinkles reduced. The combined action of γ PGA and golden algae extract reinforces the hydrolipid barrier of the skin and neutralizes the effects of UV radiation and other external agents.
$94.05 excluding shipping


The essence of hydration – instant smoothing and vitality A concentrated serum that strengthens the intensity of hydration, instantly eliminates skin roughness, reduces signs of fatigue and stress, and restores luminosity and a youthful appearance. The formula contains a new-generation active ingredient – gamma-polyglutamic acid (γ PGA), proven to be 5 times more effective as a moisturizer than hyaluronic acid. A specially developed biocompatible carrier system ensures that γ PGA molecules easily bind water molecules, guaranteeing long-lasting firming and smoothing. A combination of six moisturizing ingredients, with γ PGA as the main ingredient, moisturizes deeply, firms and regenerates the skin, and at the same time prevents trans-epidermal water loss. With a unique consistency which releases water droplets during application, the serum stimulates, soothes and relaxes tired skin.
$103.55 excluding shipping


Instant Skin Hydration and Rejuvenation The mask exhibits outstanding moisturizing and regeneration-promoting properties: it instantly enhances the appearance of skin, reduces any signs of fatigue, rejuvenates facial features, and has a soothing and calming effect. The essential mask contains gamma-polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) which is 5 times more effective as a moisturizer than hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its high compatibility with the skin, γ-PGA strongly binds water molecules causing an instant perceptible increase in the facial skin hydration level. Prunus Persica extract promotes collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. A natural pomegranate extract gently exfoliates dead epidermal cells, brightening the skin and enhancing its tone. The mask is made from delicate velvety soft fabric which adheres closely to your face, bringing moisture and relaxation to tired skin. After just one application, your skin becomes deeply hydrated, more elastic and smooth, and regains its natural glow and vitality.
$42.75 excluding shipping